Wan Chai (HKCEC Extension) The Peak

From Wan Chai (Convention Centre)
Stop No.Bus StopAdult
1Wan Chai (Convention Centre) $11.7
2Convention Avenue, Expo Drive East $11.7
3Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, Victoria Park Road $11.7
4Wing Hing Street $9.6
5Hong Kong Central Library, Causeway Road $9.6
6Hysan Place, Hennessy Road $9.6
7Canal Road East, Hennessy Road $9.6
8Canal Road bus only road $9.6
9Happy Valley Racecourse, Morrison Hill Road $9.6
10Shiu Fai Terrace, Stubbs Road $9.6
11Lingnan Primary School, Stubbs Road $9.6
12Tung Shan Terrace, Stubbs Road $9.6
13Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Stubbs Road $9.6
14Evergreen Villa, Stubbs Road $9.6
15Bradbury School, Stubbs Road $9.6
16Mount Nicholson Road, Stubbs Road $9.6
17White Jade, Stubbs Road $9.6
18Opus Hong Kong, Stubbs Road $9.6
19Wan Chai Gap Road, Peak Road $6.1
20Taikoo House, Peak Road $6.1
21Guildford Road, Peak Road $6.1
22Craigmin Road, Peak Road $6.1
23The Peak Police Station, Peak Road $6.1
24Mount Kellett Road, Peak Road $6.1
25The Peak --

From Wan Chai (Convention Centre)
Day of operationService hoursHeadway (mins)
Every Sunday and Public Holidays 12:00 - 19:0020

From The Peak
Stop No.Bus StopAdult
1The Peak $11.7
2Mount Kellett Road, Peak Road $11.7
3The Peak Police Station, Peak Road $11.7
4Craigmin Road, Peak Road $11.7
5Guildford Road, Peak Road $11.7
6Magazine Gap Road, Peak Road $11.7
730 Peak Road, Peak Road $11.7
8Wan Chai Gap Road, Stubbs Road $11.7
9White Jade, Stubbs Road $11.7
10Mount Nicholson Road, Stubbs Road $11.7
11Evergreen Villa, Stubbs Road $11.7
12Villa Monte Rosa, Stubbs Road $11.7
13Bowen Road, Stubbs Road $5.3
14Craigmount, Stubbs Road $5.3
15Tung Shan Terrace, Stubbs Road $5.3
16Lingnan Primary School, Stubbs Road $5.3
17Shiu Fai Terrace, Stubbs Road $5.3
18Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Queen's Road East $5.3
19Lap Tak Lane, Morrison Hill Road $3.6
20Wan Chai Fire Station, Hennessy Road $3.6
21Paterson Street, Yee Wo Street $3.6
22Victoria Park, Causeway Road $3.6
23Hing Fat Street $3.6
24Causeway Centre, Harbour Road $3.6
25HK Convention & Exhibition Centre, Fleming Road $3.6
26Wan Chai (Convention Centre) --

From The Peak
Day of operationService hoursHeadway (mins)
Every Sunday and Public Holidays 12:40 - 19:4020

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