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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Code of Practice Slogan Vision
Mission Statement CSR Value System Key Drivers
Code of Practice
Citybus and New World First Bus ("NWFB") are not just bus service providers, but also responsible corporate citizens determined to manage our operations in the best possible manner to serve the community. All our management and operational blueprints have adopted the core attributes of our CSR value system and the key drivers of CSR for attaining sustainable development.

Code of Practice

A Good Citizen for All

To be a leading corporate citizen in the local public transport industry

Mission Statement

* Care for the community and respect the environment
* Enhance value for our stakeholders
* Deliver premier services to our customers
* Nurture professionalism and foster employee pride

CSR Value System
Our value system focuses on the five key drivers, whereas our corporate governance plays the centric and strategic orientation role:
CSR Value System

Key Drivers
1. Stringent Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is the backbone of our value system. We firmly believe that stringent corporate governance is the key to ensure high level of management performance and sustainable development of the Company.

Corporate policy
To uphold the interests of different stakeholders, NWFB and Citybus operate their business targeting on the highest standard of corporate governance. The corporate decision-making process is based on transparency, integrity, fairness and professional supervision.

Management strategy
To achieve our missions, NWFB and Citybus have invested heavily in the fully air-conditioned bus fleet and the advanced technology hardware as well as other engineering facilities to deliver our services in a safe and comfortable condition.

We aim to be a caring company as well, so even more important is our commitment to bus services, staff welfare and enrichment, occupational safety and health and environmental protection.

Management team
To achieve the best corporate governance, Citybus and NWFB are served by a professional management team upholding high ethical values in their code of conduct as well as acquiring expertise in their respective fields.

NWFB and Citybus' stakeholders
With an aim to pursue service excellence, Citybus and NWFB are committed to communicating with, listening to, and learning from our stakeholders such as:
* Employees
* Customers
* Government
* Community leaders
* Pressure groups
* Media
* Suppliers
* Other related parties

Procurement and tendering process
The Companies promote open competition for their procurement needs, with contractual relationship based upon fair and reasonable contract terms. Procurement and tendering activities are based on the following principles:
* Impartial selection of capable and responsible suppliers and contractors;
* Effective use of competition;
* Selection of appropriate contract types according to needs;
* Compliance with laws, relevant regulations and contractual obligations;
* Adoption of an effective monitoring system and other management controls to detect and prevent bribery, fraud or other malpractices in the process of procurement and tendering;
* Prohibition of bribery and corruptive practices.

Communication channels
External communication:
Customer Services
  Citybus NWFB
24-hour hotline 2873 0818 2136 8888
Hotfax 2857 6179 2136 2136
SMS enquiry service 9751 8282 9526 1111
* In addition to the bi-monthly Passenger Liaison Group Meetings to gauge passengers' opinions, NWFB and Citybus proactively collect opinions of the public through various communication channels, such as media, visits and meetings with legislators, politicians and interested parties.
* Media (press releases, press conferences, press visits and feature stories)
* Regular meetings with government departments and regulatory bodies (different natures of meetings with the Transport Department, District Councils' Traffic & Transport Committee and Public Transport Liaison Group meetings, Legislative Councils meetings, and disabled group meetings coordinated by the Transport Department)
Customer Services Customer Services

Internal communication:
* Two-way communication system with staff members has been set up to review operational processes and to identify room for improvement. NWFB and Citybus have opened several channels to converse with the employees, such as staff hotline, regular publication of  newsletter, staff Joint Consultative Committees ("JCCs") of Citybus, and regular meetings with unions.
* NWFB and Citybus' Intranet is available to all employees and includes a wealth of information on company's news and activities.
* Orientation seminars/training, including seminars about corporate culture, are provided for all new joining staff to quickly familiarize themselves with the Companies’ daily operations and policies.

Major CSR reporting system
We have adopted a comprehensive reporting system with the following means of reporting tools, on different schedules, to fulfill our communication needs with different stakeholders.
* Fuller Disclosure (to be issued every year before end-November)
* Websites at and
* Newsletter
* Policy and manual (procurement, occupational safety and health, sustainability)
* Brochure/ leaflet/ supplement related to different themes
* Regular reporting to the Transport Department (e.g. monthly operating report, monthly bus accident record)
* NWS Sustainability Report

2. Quality Bus Services

NWFB and Citybus are committed to providing the best possible public bus services in Hong Kong. To achieve this, we have been making every effort and taking initiatives on different aspects.

Accessible to all
NWFB and Citybus strive to make bus services accessible to all kinds of passengers. We have profoundly enhanced the bus facilities and service standards in order to create “barrier-free” bus compartments. Buses with smooth yet non-slip low floor are purchased for easy boarding and alighting. Coherent railings in bright colours are fitted inside buses to ensure passengers’ safety. The entire fleet of low floor buses is equipped with “priority seats”, fixed ramps and wheelchair parking space with backrest and seat belt, uplifting the accessibility for the disabled. All bus captains receive comprehensive training ranging from quality customer service to skills at serving the elderly and disabled passengers.
Accessible to all Accessible to all

Performance pledge
NWFB and Citybus achieve defined targets for operational capability, mechanical reliability and fleet availability. We publish these targets and our achievements on the website regularly so that the public can closely monitor our performance.

Fare concessions

Fare concessions
NWFB and Citybus offer various fare concession schemes in response to passengers' needs, including half fare discount for senior citizens and children, Cityflyer Same Day Return Discount, section fare schemes, Octopus Bus-Bus Interchange (“BBI”) schemes and etc, and most of the BBI schemes provide free interchange. In 2012, we implemented the Government’s Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly aged 65 or above and Eligible Persons with Disabilities, while the scheme has covered eligible children with disabilities aged below 12 for traveling at a concessionary fare of $2 per bus trip since May 2014. Citybus passengers aged 60-64 may continue to enjoy the Sundays and Public Holidays $2 Concession and the Mondays to Saturdays half fare discounts on Citybus Hong Kong Island Routes as well as Shenzhen West Express Routes (Except Harbour Crossing Routes and Racecourse Routes) on the condition that they pay with a Personalized Octopus. Besides, we introduced short-term fare discount schemes, such as the Octopus “Same Day Return Fare Discount” and the Octopus “Same Day $2 Discount for Every Second Trip”, to reward passengers.

24-hour service team
24-hour service teamNWFB and Citybus have a 24-hour operations control centre, together with a team of professional outbound inspectors patrolling around, to monitor our bus services and daily operations. The control centre shall report any emergency on roads to the management and department heads through electronic system and appropriate tools, so the management would be able to assess the impact and react instantly.


Stringent vehicle maintenance  

Stringent vehicle maintenance Stringent vehicle maintenance

It is our prime objective to maintain our buses in the safest and most reliable condition. Apart from Certificate of Roadworthiness and Certificate of Fitness examinations required for the licensing of buses, NWFB and Citybus also strictly follow the Transport Department's requirement of inspecting every franchised bus at least once a month. Thorough inspection is carried out on every franchised bus annually, ensuring the entire bus fleet in the safest and most reliable condition. Joining the Vehicle Maintenance Workshops Charter launched by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department from 2012, we pledge to abide by the Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops that stipulate service requirements in technical, environmental, safety, training, service and documentation aspects, dedicating to improving the quality of vehicle maintenance and ensuring vehicle safety. Besides, the Companies have set multiple service indicators, including operational performance, mechanical reliability and availability of well functioning buses, and have achieved the target standards. Company staff are provided with up-to-date safety tips and advice through staff newsletter.

Bus safety measures

Bus safety measures Bus safety measures
NWFB and Citybus have already retrofitted seat belts, armrests, stanchions and handrails to exposed seats on all buses. Besides, all buses have had speed limiting function restricting the maximum speed on level ground to 70km/h. We also conduct on-site breath-alcohol screening surprise tests with bus captains to combat drink driving and safeguard road safety.

A GPS Tachograph is installed on the entire bus fleet for monitoring speed and route. Driving performance of bus captains is monitored by ride-checks by driving instructors and plain-clothes officers. We establish code of profession and guidelines for bus captains to strictly comply with. Comprehensive training such as advanced courses on driving skills is offered for bus captains to enhance their defensive driving skill and proper driving manner
  Bus safety measures Bus safety measures

3. Care for Staff and The Community

Our belief: To have happy customers, we should firstly have happy staff. NWFB and Citybus engage various Human Resources ("HR") practices to promote personal and professional employee development. We respect our employees' right to fair labour practice and a safe, harassment-free work environment.
Our belifs  

Privacy of employees
NWFB and Citybus believe the dignity and individuality of each employee shall be respected and the privacy and confidentiality of employee records shall be safeguarded. We protect the privacy of employees at all times and their personal problems or records are treated with utmost confidentiality.

Equal opportunity
The Companies support equal opportunities for all their employees in recruitment, promotion, job transfer, training, etc. NWFB and Citybus uphold anti-discrimination practices while all employees are assessed by their ability and suitability to meet the job requirements instead of any other individual status.

Employee morale
* The Companies provide staff with some generous welfare and benefits that are rarely available in other private local enterprises.
* NWFB and Citybus organise Outstanding Employee Award nomination annually to encourage best practice among staff.
* NWFB and Citybus offer professional counseling service to any staff members requiring guidance in their personal endeavours.
* NWFB and Citybus have mechanisms and family friendly policies for employees to take care of urgent family needs.

Employee morale
Open communication and consultation
NWFB and Citybus are committed to pursuing open communication and consultation in order to foster mutual trust and respect between the management and staff. The well-established consultative mechanism includes regular meetings with JCC representatives and unions respectively.

Employee development
NWFB and Citybus encourage employee development by way of permitting time out for staff to attend classes. A new employee training policy (credit-based) has been introduced in 2014, provided with diversified and specialised courses for office staff’s selection.

NWFB and Citybus always value staff training. Ongoing courses are running concurrently to upgrade different skills for different staff, such as superb customer service training, annual driving skills refresher training, technical engineering training, occupational safety and health courses, and management and professional proficiency courses.

Community initiatives by the Companies and the staff

  Community Community

* NWFB and Citybus are committed to fostering and cultivating relationship with the community and are sensitive to the community's culture and needs.
* We encourage employees to participate in community services. A direct way is to join the corporate volunteer team, which is a member of our parent Company's NWS Volunteer Alliance that organizes various voluntary services. Over 180 of staff and their family members have been enrolled in the corporate volunteer team, and the service hours have accumulated over 40,570 hours.
* The Companies invite employees' families to join the community and voluntary services together. We co-organised the “Cheers in Athletics and Art Programme” for 5 years (2009-2013) with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre, to show our care for the people with mental disabilities. From the end of 2013, we co-organise “Fruitful Tour for Senior Citizens Volunteer Scheme” with the Wan Chai Methodist Centre for the seniors, establishing a friendly community and promoting culture of respect for the elderly through a series of activities.
* NWFB and Citybus co-organise projects and community services with different social service organisations. For instance, we have co-organised a cultural arts project namely “Arts Bus: On the Move!” with the Hong Kong Institute of Education since 2011 to promote the concept of “Road Safety” (2011/12), “Go Green” (2012/13) and “Courtesy Along the Journey” (2013/14), as well as to raise civic awareness of the public, through a wide range of community arts activities.
* The Companies sponsor the activities of charitable organisations and government departments, like participating in fund-raising activities, providing cash donations and free shuttle bus services, sponsoring free media space on bus shelters and bus bodies as well as free in-bus TV airtime.
* The Companies provide a day of free ride for the disabled and the elderly on NWFB and Citybus routes on the International Day of Disabled Persons and Senior Citizen’s Day respectively. 
* The Companies are keen to share business expertise with secondary and tertiary students in their school projects.
* The Companies receive various groups from the community centres and academic institutions for visiting our depots in order to enhance the public understanding on bus operations.
* NWFB and Citybus support road safety events held by the Transport Department, police and/or District Councils through sponsoring bus displays, open-top bus and distributing leaflets, etc.

4. Occupational Safety and Health

NWFB and Citybus are committed to providing a safe working and traveling environment for our staff, contractors and passengers. Safety is everyone's responsibility at all times and of paramount importance.

Stringent safety requirements & trainings
NWFB and Citybus enforce stringent safety requirements for meeting our very high standards. We have launched various awareness enhancement campaigns and offer comprehensive safety training to our contractors and staff. Besides, NWFB and Citybus undertake ongoing programmes to raise safety awareness amongst our passengers, staff and contractors. In particular, greater emphasis has been placed on promoting road safety messages to other road users along with in-bus safety messages to passengers. Between July 2013 and June 2014, a total of 560 staff received 4,535 hours of training regarding occupational safety and health and a total of 50 staff attended 274 hours of outbound programmes. All frontline management of depots have attended Course for Certificate of Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor at the Companies’ expense. Between July 2013 and June 2014, a total of 50 staff attended 274 hours of outbound programmes. Moreover, 2-4 weeks of training are provided to every new bus captain, while existing bus captains receive regular training to secure driving safety. An effective mechanism of monitoring bus captains’ driving performance also contributes to constantly assuring their proper driving skills.
Safety Safety

Environmental & Safety Department
The Companies have set up the Environmental and Safety Department to stipulate safety rules and work procedures, undertake spot checks and bi-monthly patrol inside the depots, bus termini and office areas. The Companies maintain and constantly review the existing facilities, equipments and buses to ensure safety and efficiency of bus services.
Environmental & Safety Environmental & Safety

Health condition of staff
To ensure that bus captains meet the physical requirement for providing secure services to passengers, the Companies provide pre-employment health checks for all newly-employed bus captains before works, while medical checks are arranged annually for bus captains aged 50 or above. To further ensure bus captains’ fitness and safety, and hence reduce the risk of traffic accidents, the Companies have amended the annual medical check-up arrangement and introduced new medical examination items from June 2013. Besides, NWFB and Citybus have a panel doctor scheme with which staff can consult doctors of the panel with the medical card.

The scheduling of work of our bus captains is assured in compliance with the Guidelines on Working Schedule for Franchised Bus Drivers stipulated by the Transport Department, so as to allow bus captains to have enough rest time and safeguard safety. The Companies prohibit the use of illegal drugs and alcohol at the Companies' premises. Alcoholism and drug dependence that affect work performance shall not be tolerated.

We organise various leisure activities and interest classes, such as basketball and table tennis competition, to encourage staff involvement in sports for the betterment of health and relaxation. We also take care of staff’s mental fitness by offering professional employee counseling service and hotline.

5. Environmental Protection

NWFB and Citybus put environmental protection concepts from vision into actions. Green concept has been upheld as an integral part of our management philosophy. We comply with all mandatory environmental legislation.

Environmental Protection Environmental Protection

Advocacy of sustainability
NWFB and Citybus implement green policies and measures by the “Sustainability Committee” through regular meetings and task force, and continue fleet replacement. We have completed the Selective Catalytic Reduction Devices (SCRs) trial with the Environmental Protection Department, and begun to install on selected Euro 2 and Euro 3 buses progressively to further improve the fleet’s emission performance. Regular checks on the carbon dioxide (“CO2”) level of bus compartment are conducted to ensure good air quality on board. In 2013, 100% of buses checked had reached the “First Class of Good Air Quality” stipulated in the “Practice Note for Managing Air Quality in Air-conditioned Public Transport Facilities – Bus” published by the Environmental Protection Department. The Companies have introduced 3 hybrid buses to begin service in 2014 for a comprehensive service trial.

Euro 5 Diesel
The entire fleet of NWFB and Citybus has adopted Euro 5 Diesel, which is nearly sulphur-free, to ensure the lowest emissions.

Green education and training

Upholding green concept in our management and operations, we train our bus captains with the “Safe, Comfort and Eco-friendly” driving skills. Bus captains are required to turn off engines when stopping at bus termini. They are encouraged to reduce usage of in-bus lighting system when daylight is rich, and are instructed to increase speed gradually and brake smoothly when driving to reduce emissions and noise.

Emission testing
photo Our buses receive emission tests regularly. NWFB and Citybus have set a very stringent emission standard for their fleet, which is much more demanding than the emission standard set by the Environmental Protection Department and the Transport Department (current official upper limit is 50 Hartridge Smoke Unit i.e. HSU).

Influence suppliers and contractors with environmental protection concepts

NWFB and Citybus use environmentally friendly goods or components where possible, such as refrigerants used in chiller plants, etc. Starting from December 2013, we have partnered with a spare part supplier to switch to reusable plastic pallets for goods delivery which saves up to 120 pieces (10%) of wooden pallet consumption, i.e. around 2,400kg, each year.


others Citybus Depot
NWFB and Citybus are committed to protecting the environment and minimizing the use of energy, natural resources and harmful emission.

NWFB and Citybus recognize the potential environmental impacts associated with the services and are dedicated to minimizing these impacts by deploying preventive measures, like conservation of resources, emissions control and enhancement of staff environmental awareness through training.

NWFB Chong Fu Road depot and Citybus Chai Wan depot have undertaken a full Environmental Impact Assessment, on top of a well developed Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Management Systems, which conform to stringent international standards. Effective measures include: retrofitting sprinklers for cooling effect and frequency conversion device into central air-conditioning system, reconditioning compressors and switching to more energy efficient lubricant to lower power consumption; replacing Halogen spotlight with energy efficient LED spotlight, and installing motion sensor controlled LED fluorescent tubes in office and bus depots; implementing recycling schemes for disposed fluorescent tubes, used water in bus washing, used CD, waste oil and used paper. CFR Depot