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Management Philosophy

Customer Service Environmental Concerns Technology Training
Customer Service
Putting customers first is our priority. Communicating with our customers and providing the means for them to communicate with us is essential if we are to provide customer-oriented services. Citybus and New World First Bus ("NWFB") are therefore committed to providing an open and friendly environment where our customers will be able to contact us quickly and easily.
* 24-hour Customer Service Hotline, Hotfax and Service Suggestions Email.
* Customer Service Centres are located at Admiralty East Bus Terminus and the Hong Kong International Airport.
* Courtesy Ambassadors and Customer Service Officers will be talking to passengers regularly at major bus termini and different locations in Hong Kong.
* A constant dialogue of information and visits are held with District Councils, the Government, political and interest groups to gain feedback from the Community.
* Our bus stops and termini will act as our "show-windows", providing route maps, destination and other useful information to our customers.

To proactively identify customers' needs and requirements, we respond positively with quality services. We:

* equipped our whole bus fleet with the Octopus system.
* continuously to construct new bus shelters.
* extend operating hours and improve levels of service in response to customer demands.
* ordered new buses which confirm to Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee ("DPTAC") standards in the United Kingdom Wheelchair access and spacing become a standard facility in our bus fleet.
Customer Service
Customer Service

Environmental Concerns
Citybus and NWFB always strive to protect the environment and have drawn up a series of proactive environmental protection measures. We aim at providing high quality services and at the same time bringing a greener environment to the community. We have put our environmental preservation concepts from vision into actions. Green concept has been upheld as an integral part of our management philosophy.
* We purchase the most environmentally-friendly buses available in the market
* We execute green operation management programmes
* We actively participate in Hong Kong's green activities
Environmental Concerns Environmental Concerns

As always, we are dedicated to improving our services as well as building a green city for the public.

Citybus and NWFB keep abreast of the latest technology development. To better serve our customers, advance systems are widely adopted and applied in our operations.

Passengers can also use their WAP phones in accessing our bus route information and sending emails to our Customer Service Department.
* Infotainment Journey:LCD monitors are installed in our buses, which deliver to passengers innovative and interesting infotainment programmes. Such devices shall add values to our passengers by empowering them to move ahead with the community and keeping them abreast of the city's pulse.
* Citybus and NWFB Website【】【】: Passengers can also use their PDA in accessing our bus route information and sending emails to our Customer Service Department.
* Global Positioning System:Citybus and NWFB are currently testing ground-breaking information technology for fleet management through a Global Positioning System ("GPS"). As a satellite information transmission system that operates from selected vehicles to a central computer system, GPS facilitates increased fleet management control leading to a more effective and efficient allocation of resources. Passengers will also be able to access bus arrival times and other practical information.

Training for the bus captains at Citybus and NWFB is on three levels reflecting the required skills and experience needed at entry: driving skills and defensive driving skills, quality customer service, and eco-driving skills. Driving Instructors adopt a random check policy on all bus captains throughout the year. Safety Inspectors also come on board at regular intervals for specific safety tests. The passengers, being the group coming into the most direct contact with bus captains, take on the role of mystery customers whose tasks are to operate incognito.

Safety is also uppermost in the minds of all bus captains. For every passenger and for those with special needs in particular - the elderly, the disabled or passengers with young children - the captains are trained to provide safe journeys for all.

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